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Red Hot in Tamworth 2014

RED HOT & COUNTRY ~ Tamworth 2014

RED HOT & COUNTRY had a fantastic time in Tamworth, bringing home lots of medals and having lots of fun

Kathryn and Belinda set off bright and early in a 'convoy' of sorts with Kelvin, Pat and Cathryn, cars packed to the brim with all our requirements for Tamworth, hats, boots and outfits galore

we love a road trip !

First night there, Kelvin and Kathryn hit the town to see as many artists as they could, and first up was Benn Gunn. Kathryn and Kelvin had choreographed to a number of Benn's songs and he was happy to catch up with them at his gig. Then it was off to see another Ben, Ben Ransom who has two songs on his latest albums that have dances to them. And then it was a visit to Wests to catch up with the awesome Grizzly Adams for a chat.

the two Ben's

Grizzly Adams

On Saturday we joined Chris Watson at his fundraising event "country in the vines" where we saw some great country artists. Kathryn and Kelvin left a bit early to go to the family concert in the park where they were on the main stage to teach 'big dog' how to dance. Kelvin taught him to 'shake it' and got the kids in the crowd to get up and join in

Dancing with big dog

That night, Kelvin hosted the first social at the tennis club ... the theme was 'bright' and we certainly had some great colours ! The floor was a bit slippery for Kathryn - so she ended up making an interesting fashion statement!

a very trendy look

First day of the Australian Line Dance Championships was Choreography, and Kathryn and Kelvin had a number of dances entered in each of the sections. Kathryn got a bronze medal for her beginner dance 'don't wanna wait', in the early intermediate section Kathryn and Kelvin got a GOLD for their fun dance 'Mountain Girl' and in the unreleased section Kathryn received another bronze for 'spotlight'. Kathryn was so excited by her gold medal, even though it was a 'joint' medal - it hasn't left her hands since !!

Kathryn and Kelvin with their gold medal for "mountain girl" (video here)

As the winning dance, Kathryn got to work-shop it to those in attendance

yep - Kathryn was pretty excited !

Kathryn had also choreographed a dance with Linda Wolfe called 'Dance your pain away' it was co-choreographed and they had never actually danced it together until the comp ! - as it had all been done long distance. It is to an Agentha (from ABBA) song as both Linda and Kathryn are ABBA fans from way-back !!  They received lots of good feedback from it! You can see the video here

Kathryn and Linda dancing with Robyn and Lyn in Choreo

Day one of the competition was 'basic' day where we danced class routines with no fancy hat or skirt work. It was about dancing the dances well, unity and presentation. We did a great job in all of these and won a number of medals. Kathryn and Belinda were thrilled with their GOLD for the routine 'easy' which was a Chris Watson dance (and they were glad that Chris was there to watch them dance it) the team also got a GOLD and Kathryn and Kelvin were very proud of there bronze for their 'bonfire heart' routine as the over 45 category has always been a tough one to get a place in as there are some great dancers in that category. It was a great start to the competition for RED HOT and everyone was excited

random images from day 1

Day 2 was solo's and Belinda and Robyn competed in a number of events throughout the day. Kathryn was on the scoring desk with Pat for most of the day and doing some mock judging.

Belinda got 2 silvers for her solo's.          Kathryn and Pat on the scoring table

The next few days of competition saw us dancing lots and getting lots of medals, we had a great time and got lots of lovely feedback on our dancing and how it had improved. Kathryn and Belinda got a gold for their waltz to 'train' (a countback as it was so close in score to the second place getter) they also a third in 'instructor student' for which they are very proud of.

some shots from our routines

some random pics from the competition.

We had such fun at our socials every night too, Kelvin and Chris Watson host them every night at the tennis club they are the BEST and HOTTEST DJ's in town and the floor is rockin' all night long ..... but the fun doesn't end there, as we always try to 'hit the town' afterwards to grab another show and had some great fun with some great friends

what happens in Tamworth .... ends up on facebook !!!

Kelvin's big at the Tamworth Tennis Club !!!

It was a great week, congrats to the LDAA for hosting the Australian Line Dance Championships, it was fun, friendly and well organised, we really enjoyed being a part of it. We all loved the socials at the Tennis Club with Chris and Kelvin, thanks guys for keeping us dancing into the night. And the daytime dancing at Shopping World that Chris hosts every year is always a lot of fun. Can't wait till next year ...........................