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Dec - Jan 2014 Round up

A catch up of what RED HOT & COUNTRY has been up to for the last few months..........

Lets have a look at how RED HOT spent their December and January .......


In December we were invited back to Kemps Creek Public School for their Christmas Concert, where Kathryn, Kelvin and Erin entertained the crowds. They danced to Christmas songs and had the crowd ‘shaking it’ to Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ and everyone had a good time and got involved in dancing along.

we love doing demo's

We held our Christmas Social and had special guest Lynda Barnes come along and sing some tracks from her new album including ‘thank you’ which was the song used for Gisela’s 80th birthday waltz. Kathryn also taught her brand new dance ‘Spotlight’ to the song of the same name. We had a great night and got to hear some wonderful live music. Lynda has a song on the album written about Kelvins late father-in-law which she also sang on the night.

lots of laughs as always at our socials

On 14 December, RED HOT was rushed off their feet with Demo after Demo. First was at St Marys Town Centre for their Christmas show, they love us at St Marys and keep inviting us back. We had a great group of our dancers join us, and the crowd got up with us as did the MC and we taught them to ‘shake it’ …. Such a fun morning

thanks to all our dancers for coming along and being part of our demos

Then Kathryn and Belinda headed off to Chatswood to do a demo and teach for Compeer which is an arm of St Vincent DePauls. Kathryn taught about 50 people on the worlds smallest dance floor and they LOVED it !! So much great feedback on the day

a fun afternoon

Then Kathryn and Kelvin headed off to a Christmas Party for the staff of a local nursing home. Over 100 people were there and Kathryn and Kelvin taught them a number of dances as well as doing a couple of demos. Their theme was ‘Wild West’ and everyone looked fabulous.

a great night had by all

because they had sooooo much energy left in them after such a ‘quiet’ day ……. Kathryn and Kelvin headed off to Ryde X to join in the Boots and Diamonds for their Christmas social. Was a fun night with some ‘interesting’ entertainment lead by Josh Talbot and Brett Jenkins !!

sometimes it's best not to ask !!!!

Kathryn with host Josh Talbot

At our fundraiser in October, we had raised funds for the Palliative Care unit at Mt Druitt where Kathryn’s Mum had spent her last days. We had a representative from the unit come and accept a ‘large cheque’ for $1320. Trish from the unit was happy to receive the money which will be used to purchase a special machine to assist in pain relief for patients. Trish stayed to watch the class lead by Kathryn and Kelvin dance ‘it never goes away’ which was the dance dedicated to Kathryn’s mother. It was a very moving night for Kathryn, but also very satisfying to hand over money for such a good cause, THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the success of the fundraiser night.

a very emotional night

RED HOT & COUNTRY began training in earnest for Tamworth, we trained just about every day with Belinda and Kathryn starting early and getting some training in between Christmas and New Year

having fun at training



Classes came back the first week in January and Kathryn and Kelvin got straight into teaching some great new dances

Kathryn loves teaching !

Most of January was spent training with Robyn, Belinda, Kathryn and Kelvin getting together every spare minute to perfect their routines for Tamworth and the Australian Championships. They had numerous routines to do, including a few in the newly created 'basic' section.

Always LOTS of laughs at our training sessions

The last few weeks of January were spent in Tamworth - a separate entry will follow