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June and July Round up

A catch up of what RED HOT & COUNTRY has been up to for the last few months..........

Lets have a look at how RED HOT & COUNTRY spent June and July 2014


Classes continued at both Austral and Penrith, with Kelvin and Kathryn teaching lots of new dances each week.

The long weekend saw a group of RED HOT dancers join Michelle and Michael Fong at their social at Campsie. It was a fun day with lots of dancing and lots of lovely food. Kathryn taught them 'donkey' which everyone enjoyed.

some of the red hot regulars at the Campsie social with our host Michelle

Our monthly social was another great night, we have people traveling from all over to join us, as word has got around about what a great time we have. Kelvin has the floor full all night with a great variety of music, old and new and everyone (except Kathryn !!!) gets lots of their requests all night long. Kathryn did a teach of one of her new dances

fun at our regular monthly social

Kathryn and Kelvin and some of the gang attended the Nepean Rowers Social, lots of laughs and good times

having fun on the dance floor

While not totally dance related ..... Kathryn and Kelvin were lucky enough to see Keith Urban in concert with their support act Sheppard. Both of these artists have current tracks we were dancing to by Linda Burgess (Somewhere in my car and Geronimo).

Kathryn caught up with McAlister Kemp in the foyer

With the World Cup underway, RED HOT & COUNTRY were invited to perform on the comedy show 'The Full Brazilian'. The idea was a dance off between two of the countries playing that night in a dance reflecting those counties - RED HOT danced as America against Portugal. Kathryn and Kelvin got to dress up in American colours and dance with special guest Ian 'Dicko' Dickenson - they danced 'mountain girl' and then Dicko joined in. Unfortunately Portugal was declared the winner.
It was such a fun night - check out the video on our facebook page

Fun at the SBS studio

We were invited back a second time, unfortunately Kathryn was on her way to Dubbo so wasn't available for the second episode, so Kristen joined Kelvin to dance with the wiggles !!!

lots of fun !!

Kathryn headed up to Dubbo ready for the weekend social, she joined class at the Dubbo RSLYC line dancers and taught them a couple of new dances and walked through a couple of RED HOT dances that they had been doing.

Kathryn leading the class at Dubbo

The annual workshop and social in Dubbo is always a fantastic event for RED HOT & COUNTRY and we love being part of it. The theme this year was PINK and Kathryn and Kelvin taught a number of PINK themed dances at the workshop. They taught a dance by Linda Pink (big dog daddy), a dance to a song by Pink (Just Give by Linda Burgess) and a song that was Pink - The Boss's Pink Cadillac which Kathryn and Kelvin choreographed especially for the event. They also workshopped some of their other dances - Donkey, My Kinda Girl, Drink Drink Drink and Happy Hour.

Kathryn and Kelvin at the workshop

As always, the ladies outdid themselves with gorgeous decorations and set up of the hall for the annual social, 100 dancers from all over NSW came along for a night full of fun and dance (not to forget the amazing supper that is always put on !!)

Kathryn and Kelvin all in PINK at the social

Some of our class joined us for the fun in Dubbo

Kelvin and Kathryn with our hosts - Lynn and Cathy


RED HOT & COUNTRY had some guests join in at the class at the Nepean Rowers, a group of rowers from New Zealand were visiting the club, so Kelvin invited them in to be a part of the class. Kelvin taught them Kathryn's dance 'girls love to shake it' and they had such a fun time and they all joined in and loved it

the NZ rowing team 'shaking it'

Kathryn's dance 'donkey' to the Jerrod Neiman song of the same name quickly became a class favourite - it is a novelty dance that includes some great sound effects by the class !! Kelvin brought Kathryn some gifts to celebrate its success !!

Kathryn has her very own donkey outfit - and a new donkey mascot

you can see donkey HERE on youtube

We were lucky enough to have Josh Talbot join us at class to teach us his dance choreographed with Julie Talbot "Better to Love", it is such a beautiful dance and we really enjoyed having Josh with us to walk us through it

Josh teaching the class at Nepean

July also saw Kelvin, Kathryn and Erin doing lots of training for Leeton comp which is coming up in August, this will be the first time RED HOT & COUNTRY has visited this comp, and we they are looking forward to attending. Two of Kathryn and Kelvin's dances have been chosen for solo dances this year.

fun at training

RED HOT & COUNTRY has been teaching for the OUTBACK BOOTSCOOTERS at Penrith for many years, so we were very sad to hear that illness had caused our friends Ian and Jacky to retire. It was all quite sudden so we were able to get a few people together to come up to the last socials Ian was running at the rowing club. Kelvin is talking to the club and we hope to be able to continue some free socials running there each month (will keep you informed.)

RED HOT & COUNTRY wish Ian and Jacky all the best and thank them for their support

Kelvin and Ian

RED HOT & COUNTRY also celebrated their 18th birthday in July - check out the next update for details and photos of this fun night