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NSW Line Dance Ball

RED HOT & COUNTRY at the NSW linedance ball
29th March 2014


RED HOT & COUNTRY had a fabulous time at the NSW ball held at the State Sports Centre in March!!!!

Around 800 people attended the ball and raised much needed funds for Ronald McDonald house. Every one got into the theme for 'hearts of of the world' and wore some great costumes from all around the world. Kelvin and Kathryn went "Aussie" for the evening.

Kathryn and Kelvin in their Aussie Flag Outifits

Noel Bradey choreographed a beautiful dance called 'heart of the ball' to the Lady Antebellum song 'heart of the world' and the instructors danced that to open the evening, along with some cultural dance performances.
Kelvin and Kathryn lead a bracket including their dance 'mountain girl' - how cool was it to see a full floor of people yodelling along - check out the video HERE !!!. There is more video here of the dances Kathryn and Kelvin lead on the night - a BIG Thank You to all the RED HOT dancers who came along to support the event

Kathryn and Kelvin lead the floor

Congrats to the organising committee who do such a great job each year - we look forward to hearing about next years theme !!!

Friendly faces at the NSW ball